Development of | Share your music (ENG)

DAZ is build on the ‘CDDB database’ which includes millions of records artist, release and track information. Visitors, who join this community, may create their personal music page and edit or add information via a ‘wiki-system’.

Visitors and members can search for all kinds of music related information and listen to ten thousands various samples. offers members a free mp3 to download every day (see homepage) and two RSS feeds: the free mp3 of the day and the updates from last 24 hours. Feel free to point your reader to this feeds.

In the near future we will add more community features, create a better user-interface and offer a second hand cd-spot. At the moment I am contacting with signed and unsigned artists to discuss ways of working together.

We’re developing this site under ’the umbrella’ of The Modular Company.
Contact me if you would like me to keep you up2date!